The Divine Ones are ageless and seemingly immortal beings formed of sentient soul energy. Their power and ambition is hindered only by self-conflict and inter-racial conflict. Divines are not necessarily malevolent, but their presence usually heralds doom for the mortals around them.

Some divines have an affinity for creation. They are attributed with the construction many planetary bodies, sentient and beastial species, dimensional spaces, and many more constructs within the Mortal Plane. Not all divines are so productive; most content themselves with whatever whim strikes their fancy, often to the misfortune of mortalkin.

The Four HousesEdit

The Divines divided themselves into four Houses after the Divine Empire crumbled upon itself. Those within a House are loosely affiliated allies and share similar goals for the multiverse in general.

House of TriumphEdit

  1. Aegis, the Divine Lord
  2. Arcus, the Divine Dragon
  3. Chrona, Divinity of Time
  4. Divinity of Light
  5. Infinite Divine
  6. Lord of Souls
  7. Rellumbar, the Relic
  8. Toro, the Celestial Collector
  9. The Forger

House of JusticeEdit

  1. Arcane, Child Divine
  2. Ashr the Flame
  3. Wrin, the Divine Judge
  4. Ried, the Divine Inquisitor
  5. Sinmara, The Mad Divine
  6. Surt, Gods Bane
  7. The Divine in Flesh
  8. Tyra, Divinity of War

House of EquilibriumEdit

  1. Divinity of Shadows
  2. Equos
  3. Ether Artist
  4. Gob the Dreamer
  5. Seabound Lady
  6. The Divine Wind

House of MortalsEdit

  1. Divine of Unity
  2. Divinity of Commerce
  3. Hobar
  4. The Consorts
  5. The Divine Clucken
  6. The Duelist


  1. Draemen, the Martyr
  2. Likareaus
  3. The Frozen Divine
  4. The Meld
  5. Wanderer, the Faceless Divine

The Gol ConflcitEdit

The earliest memories of the Divine Ones are of an ancient war waged in the Spirit Plane. The object of that conflict was the sealed city of Morthal, a mysterious cubic structure that sits in the center of the Spirit Plane. They created Gol, artificial constructs imbued with the souls of the dead, to fight for them. The Gol were thrown upon Morthal in waves, obliterating each other as each divine vied for control of the area around the city.

Fortifide foundries were created to capture the spirits of dead mortalkin, these compounds caught the souls as they were drawn to Morthal. The souls were either broken and used in the construction of Gol, or they were experiemented upon in an effort to understand how they passed through the walls of Morthal.

The stale-mate extended into countless eons, and soon the Divines forgot the conflicts original purpose.

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