The Dragonkin represent a long line of iteration made upon a single template. They have all been wrought by various factions for a variety of purposes.

Strains of DragonkinEdit


The first proto-type was the clucken. Created eon’s ago, the clucken was supposed to save the mortal races during the Divine War. The Divine Clucken created a creature that could be elementally charged with arcane orbs, and opted to make them smaller, “glass cannon” units to save on materials. He even changed his title to support the creation. However the Divine Clucken under-estimated the handicap it’s small body would have in combat, often being crushed by inattentive Golems or Daemons.


After many strange and obscure revisions, the Divine Clucken created the Wyrm. It was a product of dabbling, with little actual intent behind its creation. A wormlike body and toothy, round mouth give the Wyrm a frightful appearence. They have two to three sets of leathery wings. These muscular wings push and compact tunnel walls as the Wyrm burrows. They can also be used for brief periods of flight, much to the dismay of Helminthophobiacs.


Wyverns were created on Roost Isle by the mortal group known as the Scryers. They were experimenting upon modified Clucken and Wyrm designs on Old Terros, in an attempt to create living, anti-divine weapons. The Divine Clucken learned of their plagarized work, and personally destroyed the Scryer labs. The Wyverns escaped the destruction and began thriving in the wilds.


Desiring a mortal legacy, Arcus created the Drakes. Majestic, intelligent, and naturally adept leaders, Drakes are an extension of Arcus' ego. They primarily dwell in the Ascendant Plane and with the Ryouk. The more athletic members create artful flight patterns and methods. The cerebral individuals often work on calligrahpy or study various arcane or Quar topics. Drakes universally enjoy practicing martial arts and singing ancient Gol war-hymns.


Arcus desired for the Drakes to have a legacy of their own, a people to rule and guide. He created the Dragons as a herd, with the Drakes as shepherds. The Dragons are of equivalent size to Drakes, but they have powerful legs and forearms coupled with large wings. A muscular body and neck support a large, crested head. Intelligent, liquid eyes can pick out stray prey from kilometers away.

Elemental DragonsEdit

The Elemental Dragons are the end result of millennia of progress and research, a legacy forged by not one, but three supreme beings. So great were the Elemental Dragons that Arcus took upon their namesake as the Divine Dragon.