Isis is the homeworld of the Ryuuk and capital of the Sacred Empire. It and the Ryuuk were discovered by the Divine Lord. The Divine Lord realized what potential the psychic Ryuuk held and Relumbar guided them into becoming a civilized culture that worshipped Divine Ones.


Isis was one of the first planets discovered and radically affected by the divines. The Ryuuk proved increasingly useful to the Divine Lord and he moved his base of physical operation to Isis. Many cities rose, but none as massive and important as the city of Icarus. Here the entrance to Surt's prison laid, and the throne of the Divine Lord himself sat.

Tyra, enraged by the stagnation and pettiness brought about by the absolute rulle of the Sacred Empire, shattered Isis. This freed Surt and challenged the fragile leadership of the Divine Lord himself. The Ryuuk suffered greatly from this change, but they perservered by their connections with various divines.


Isis is primarly made of rolling hills covered in dense forest. Slightly warmer than most habitable planets, even the poles have mild winters. Since the imprisonment of Surt, mountains have thrust onto the surface. These are a result of his violent struggle to free himself.