"I shuffled in utter darkness, sliding in the cold dust. No light reached my eyes, frost coated me in a veil, I left body fluids trailing behind. My suffering was not solitary. Cries of confusion, torment, and insanity were strung together, billions of voices trembling in one horrible lyric. I could see nothing of the horror. The sky had fallen, taking all light with it.

An especially primal scream startled me. My numb legs gave out, my body collapsed upon itself into a fetal position. The scream was drowned by bubbling puke and then sobbing. Something wet slid beneath my prone face. I was dead, spirit consumed and damned to an unseeing hell.

My thoughts became fragments, dangled before my eyes. Were they open or closed? I tried moving my lids, but fragmented thoughts remained before me, suspended. I tried focusing on them, shards of glass enscribed with images. The images stirred as my thoughts continued and changed. I knew the jagged pieces would fit together, the patterns would become one cohesive idea. I reached out to rearrange them.

The fragments had no sane geometry; sharp protrusions, shallow divets, maddening shapes. The edges cut my hands, blood lubricating the pieces when two failed to fit. But when two pieces matched, I felt understanding flow through me. I did not know what was understood, only that I was enlightened in some way. My thoughts came together in torment. Desperation and the promise of understanding kept my shredded fingers working.

Finally the last shard fit into place. I felt deep satistaction well up from within me. I opened my dreaming eyes, greeted by darkness. My legs, frozen solid, refused to move. I tried lifting my head, but some foul liquid had frozen my cheek to the earth. The cries of the lost and dying had surrendered to despair and death. The feasting of scavengers and flesh eaters replaced them.

I lay, unthinking and unseeing."

~Survivor's recount on the destruction of Old Terros

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