The Old Way is a religion originating on primordial Roevel, tracing it's roots to before the interstellar expansion of the Avudar. Unlike most Avudar religions, it survived the rise of guilds and their secularization of Avudar society.

The Old Way holds belief in six dieties. A male/female pair for the material, a male/female pair for the immaterial, and a single genderless diety for the arcane. Morthal is seen as the embodiment of evil and an anti-diety in it's own right.

  • Bel god of earth
  • Vua goddess of seas
  • Phen god of heat
  • Glas goddess of cold
  • Purso diety of the arcane
  • Morthal diety of the Void

Creation MythosEdit

Morthal and Purso existed in the Void. Purso desired to create. He took a piece of the Void and formed the universe from it. Morthal was jealous of Puros' work. He claimed that the Void was his, and that Puros stole from him to create the universe. In turn, Morthal would steal life from Puros' universe.

To fill the universe with substance and nuance, Purso gave being to Vua and Bel. Vua created orbs of water and spread them across the universe. Bel created skeletons of stone and soil to hold Vua's orbs together. They called their work planets and together, filled them with life.

Purso walked between the planets often, he saw that life passed quickly, in the blink of an eye. He gave being to Phen and Glas, to make life stronger. Phen and Glas did not work together like their brother and sister.

Glas created the cold winds, to make mortals stronger and resilent to age. Phen created the burning stars, to burn away the cold winds and give warmth and solice. However, Morthal drained the life from the mortals; killing them over time.

Puros saw that he must intervene. Rather than directly interfering and angering his fellow diety, Morthal, Puros made soul chambers from his own being and gave them to mortals. Soul chambers allowed mortals to access the power of Puros and renew the life Morthal stole from them.

Yuuqaa-Beltar. Boo thaliilr ool tholthok. Gat valdr oot tholqaaciin. Eeltar muuriljo ool valdr hlik qaariincoo. Ska, jiikhag, ruun, riin.

A prayer to Bel, the earth father. Guide our feet to your abode. Gather us from the corners of your earth. Divine strength bestowed to us at world's heart. Art, war, mind, body.