The city-vault of Orber was jointly founded by Yrsith and Amy. It was built with the intent of housing Roevel's entire population during orbital bombarment. After construction was completed, the majority of those who helped build the city sized vault made it their home. These ingenious and creative indivduals quickly made Orber a center of progress on Roevel.

Orber remains primarily empty, the huge vaults barely filled and maintained by a sizable population. Life for the residents of Orber centers around the surface portion, the lower sections have grown wild and dark.

Founding and StructureEdit

As part of the contingency against the Glass Harvest, Yrsith and Amy took several steps to minimize the chance of extinction. One of these steps was the creation of a vault, large enough to hold the entire population of Roevel. The hope was that even if the ecosystem and atmosphere should fail, the population could continue on within the confines of the Orber Vault.

The vault hosts 6 districts: Power, Enviro, Armoury, Craft, Residential, Storage. Each district is a self sustained city, though specialization does exist for the whole. They are laid out in a pentagon pattern, with the Residential district protecively placed in the middle. The modules are all connected to one another via sealable tram tunnels.

Each vault district is formed like a tower, it's bulk sunk beneath the surface. Only the very tops are visible above the surface, rising several hundred kilometers into the sky. The towers themselves are shaped like pentagonal cylinders, the diameter slow expanding beneath the surface.


Orber was originally constructed using prex and cement. Excavated rock was recycled as cement, to save time and cost. After the Meld awoke, Orber contracted out Draemen's Daemons to help them harvest stone from Moulder Valley. This stone had special properties that would further the cities durability against a divine assault. The city structure has been slowly replaced with these new materials since since the Meld's awakening.


The districts are all fed by Orbernaus Sea. After the sea drained and became the White Marsh, it's underground reservoirs still provided the vault with water.