During the Siege of Roevel a flagship of the divine invasion, The Sanctuary, was damaged and crashed into the strait that connected the northern and southern continents. The strait was severed and a massive portal to the Spirit Plane was torn open far above in the sky. Rellumbar the Relic was upon the doomed ship. His Arca that survived the crash began to populate on Roevel.

Before it's rending the Riven Strait was called Bel's Path. It is said that Bel walked between the continents and the sea floor rose to meet him.


The Riven Strait once connected the primary continents of Roevel, now it is a toxic and dangerous place split by a narrow channel. The Burned Gulf lies on its western shore and the Titancrest Ocean on it's eastern shore. Far above in the sky, a massive portal to the Spirit Plane has been torn open. Lost and confused spirits wander the landscape, dangerously maddened more often than not.