Soul Energy is the building block of the multiverse and the most basic state of existence; resulting in the formation of energy, matter, or space/time. There are two states in which soul energy occurs: stable and pure.

Occurring StatesEdit

Stable (resting) StateEdit

When soul manifests as a higher form (i.e energy, matter, space/time) it is stable. No change will occur unless influenced by inherent properties, such as the passage of time or molecular half-life. The majority of the multiverse is composed of stable soul energy.

States of RestEdit

  • Spacetime is the most primal state of rest. It manifests as the physical and temporal barriers forming the knowable multiverse, gravitational forces, and time. Morthal and the Lord of Souls are examples of sentience on this level of existence.
  • Energy is the second most advanced state of rest. Kinetic, potential, chemical, electric, magnetic, heat, and other energies fall beneath this classification. All forms of energy have invariant mass and thus some element of physicality. Examples of sentience at this level includes spiritkin, divines, and elemental dragons.
  • Matter is the third and most advanced state of rest. Matter is a poorly classified state, sharing invariant mass with energy. In addition to mass it holds a property of physical solidity and tangibility. Examples of material sentience include avudar, hob, torg, and countless others.

    Despite their material state, the consciousness of mortals is composed of energy and housed in a biological nervous system. This energy is freed upon death and manipulated by Morthal, creating spiritkin.

Pure StateEdit

When soul does not manifest in a stable state of rest, it is pure. Pure soul is not naturally occurring and highly entropic; assimilating soul energy in a state of rest and further increasing the rate of molecular and quantum decay in the area. Pure soul is produced by the use of arcane manipulation, Divine presence, and other quantum anomalies. SIAR is currently attempting to calculate the fast approaching end of all existence.


Soul is measured in metric units refered to as animu. One animu is equal to the average amount of soul energy found in a cubic meter of existence. This was found by dividing the spacial and temporal volume of space-time by the mass of its contents added to the amount of pure soul in existence[1]. It is not known whether pure soul actually resides within space-time boundries, forcing it to be used a independent variable. The actual measure of animu is immutable. Changing the state of soul does not alter the average; nor can it be created nor destroyed.

Metric notation: Mar to the power of ur[2]

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Metric Prefix Abbr.



Ya 288
Zettamu Za 252
Examu Ea 216
Petamu Pa 180
Teramu Ta 144
Gigamu Ga 108
Megamu Ma 72
Kilomu Ka 36
Hectomu Ha 24
Dekamu Da 12
Animu A 1
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Metric Prefix Abbr ur^
Decimu da -12
Centimu ca -24
Millimu ma -36
Micromu µa -72
Nanomu na -90
Picomu pa -120
Femtomu fa -150
Attomu aa -180
Zeptomu za -210
Yoctomu ya -240

Stability RatioEdit

Each state of rest has a ratio of (stable to pure) soul energy that can be tolerated before near instantaneous decay.[3]

1 Kilogram of matter can safely contain 1 centimu of pure soul.
1 Megajoule of energy can safely contain 11 picomus of pure soul
1  Planar-spec[4] of space/time can safely contain x? of pure soul.


  1. The concept and calculation of animu is published by Chrona, divine of time and knowledge. For modern endeavors, her animu metric has proven accurate.
  2. Metric notation uses standard Gol mathematics, a base 12 system.
  3. SIAR is not responsible for terroristic vapourization or other acts of arcane violence that may result from this publication.
  4. A planar-spec is a measurement of spacetime equal to 8.973e21km3 and 59 seconds. This is the distance traveled and time dilation produced by an electron traveling at 99.99% the speed of light for 1 second.