"Wyrm tunneling has made most of the Crystal Plain structurely unfit."

~Lead Foreman of Crysil


After many strange and obscure revisions, the Divine Clucken created the Wyrm. It was a product of dabbling, with little actual intent behind its creation.

Wyrm hunting has become a popular profession on New Terros and Roevel. Wyrm meat, though unappetizing, is extremely nutritious and makes excellent spiced jerky. You do want to spice the meat, it has a frightful taste without condiments.


Wyrm BreedsEdit

  • Trinidor: Trinidors have dark, motley cyan coloration and three sets of wings. They often dive high above ground, breathing fresh air or seizing prey. They are fast, agile and supreme gliders. Trinidors normally reside in cold and dry environments. They have a peculiar feathered crest, and unusually serpentine maw.
  • Creezer: Creezers are a moist, heavy set varient of the Wyrm. Their gaping jaws open substantially wider than their bodies. They tunnel very quickly and prefer moist, lightless environments. Creezer wings are only good for compacting tunnel soil and cannot support their fleshy girth airborn. Creezers will occasionally foray to the surface during rainy nights.

Wyrms sport a wormlike body and toothy, round mouth giving them a frightful appearence. They have two to three sets of leathery wings. These muscular wings push and compact tunnel walls as the Wyrm burrows. They can also be used for brief periods of flight.

Like it's kin, Wyrms are quite intelligent. They communicate amongst one another with wing vibrations and clicking teeth. Wyrms are violently territorial, attacking beasts or mortals that dare tread on their grounds. They travel tirelessly looking for prey, returning to a primary chamber every few days to rest.

Wyrms do not have a specified gender, they reproduce by consuming another Wyrm and processing its organic material into eggs. The larger the specimen consumed, the more eggs are laid. The larva hatch as miniture replicas of their parent. Wyrms never cease to grow, increasing in size until the day they die.

Wyrms do burrow, however, they prefer existing caverns or abandoned excavations. They swallow a variety of dense stones, a trait inherited from the Clucken's instinct to ingest elemental orbs. Often these stones consist of gem grade or exotic material and aid the Wyrm's digestive system.