"Wyverns spread as vermin, stealing fleshkill from Drake and Dragon. They produce nothing and they lend strength to none."

~Arcus, addressing the fourteenth Housing.


Wyverns were created on Roost Isle by a mortal faction known as the Scryers. They were experimenting with modified Clucken and Wyrm designs on Old Terros, in an attempt to create anti-divine weapons.

The Divine Clucken learned of their plagarized work and personally destroyed the Scryer labs. The Wyverns escaped the destruction and began thriving in the wilds. They primarily dwelt on the Wyvern Isles of Old Terros, a great number survived that world's destruction.

Wyverns could not absorb the Elemental Orbs of the Clucken. Though they had the capability, their bodies broke down the orbs too quickly. Forger took pity on the Wyverns and commissioned four Hob clans to create Elemental Pearls. These pearls could withstand the raw strength of the Wyvern, permanently imbueing them with an element.

A group of Avudar from the city of Icarus paid the Hob Skism clan to create Pearls of Mastery. When absorbed by a Wyvern, the Pearl of Mastery would subdue the Wyvern's will and force it to become docile. The Avudar group called themselves Wings of Icarus and often warred with the free Wyverns of Old Terros while riding their dominated Wyverns.

When the destruction of Old Terros came, the Wyverns faired better than any other race. Many of their islands did not drop into the world's floor, and their resilient strength endured the desolation. Now they are scattered across many worlds, resilient and posing great threats to those that displease them.


Wyverns are bipedal, reptilian creatures with hard, leathery skin and muscular bodies. They were created by the Scryers in hopes of one day using them against Divine Forces. Wyverns are substantially intelligent; like their dragon or drake kin, are capable of thought, speech, and emotion.

They have powerful hind legs, no arms or upper appendages, and a set of leathery wings. A large gullet hangs beneath the neck, as a place to hold Elemental Pearls. Their underbellies and heads are protected by scales.

They are a savage people, living in expansive caverns and raiding for food. They will scavenge during times of hunger, but hunger typically drives them to aggressively steal or sieze what they need. They breed at frightening rates, quickly populating new worlds.

Wyverns live in small groups, with no clear leader. If a disagreement arises, the individual will either leave or kill the other party. Wyverns do place value on lives beyond their own; expecting others to do the same.

Food, shelter, and pearls are the only commodities valued by Wyverns. These are the source of contention with or amongst the race. The Hob city state, Gilt, has earned the respect of Wyverns by offering territory, pearls, and goodwill. Gilt is the only producer of Wyvern pearls after the destruction of Old Terros.